Broadcast Policies

  1. General Description: The Broadcast is a digest sent regularly to TimerTrac subscribers and others requesting Broadcast delivery via e-mail. Posters to the Broadcast are tracked strategy developers.
  2. Purpose: The Broadcast is set up to provide timely information and the views of professionals currently being tracked by
  3. Frequency: The digest will be sent once per week, usually on Tuesady morning. It will accumulate postings throughout the previous week. Generally the Broadcast is prepared on Monday evening and scheduled for automatic delivery to subscribers on Tuesday morning. Submissions sent to us Monday evening prior to 8:00 pm (Eastern time) will likely be included.
  4. Format: Posters should send an approximately 1 paragraph posting that may include web site links. Postings may be edited by These postings should reflect current market commentary and any market predictions, comments, or other market related items of interest to subscribers. Posters are not required to disclose current signal positions although doing so is highly recommended. The Broadcast is not intended to be a marketing platform but is intended to build credibility for developers and Commentary should be forward-looking and not self-promotional.
  5. Requirements: Posters must be professionals who are voluntarily tracked by
  6. Links: Links to other sites or to the poster's site are permitted, but not for marketing purposes. Keep in mind that marketing links are already available to posters on the TimerTrac site (contact support if you have any questions on this). Use the broadcast to grow credibility by posting useful and timely forward-looking information. News media frown on self-promotions and are looking for specific informaiton to share with readers on what to do now.
  7. Language: No profanity is allowed. No disparaging remarks regarding other developers are allowed.
  8. Posters: The poster's email address and/or website will be included as part of the posting. Graphics pulled directly from poster's site or submitted by posters may also be included. Pictures of posters are recommended.
  9. Subscribers: Those wishing to subscribe to the TimerTrac Broadcast may submit a request to receive the Broadcast. Broadcast subscribers may unsubscribe from the Broadcast at any time. Your e-mail address used for sending Broadcast messages to us may be different from your subscription e-mail address.
  10. Monitoring: TimerTrac reserves the right to block any poster at any time for any reason. TimerTrac may excercise wide editorial discretion on postings submitted for broadcast.
  11. Changes to Policy: TimerTrac reserves the right to make changes to this Broadcast policy at an time without prior notice.

Last updated: 03/31/2008