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For Investors: For Timers:
  • Rank and verify market timers' active management performance. See timers using Rydex, Profunds, QQQ and more.
  • Use rankings to help find and verify the timer that's right for you including Rydex timing, ProFund timing, ETF trading, Index Fund Trading, 401k, IRA, and frequent-trading mutual funds.
  • Study market timing services through links to timers' web sites.
  • Chart market timing signals against each other as well as multiple indexes.
  • Compare Timer's performance using the same assets.
  • Compare timing fees.
  • Join the TimerTrac Broadcast. Learn timers' views of the market. It's FREE!
  • Receive free 'TimerTracked' medallion for your site or literature. Your clients and prospects will see instant charts and graphs of your performance.
  • Compete for top rankings with verified performance.
  • Third party verification of your timing performance.
  • Trading system types include trend following, fundamental timing, technical analysis of any type, stock market strategies and more.
  • ETF trading, asset allocation, bond trading, gold, currencies, and more.
  • Investors click-through directly to your site.
  • Broadcast your views on the TimerTrac Broadcast.

Virtually every investor "times" their investments. Read TimerTrac's definition
of market timing
and see how investors, professionals, mutual funds, and
other institutions use it on an ongoing basis.

TimerTrac can help make Professional
Market Timing work for you!

Subscribers can research hundreds of timing strategies monitored, verified, and tracked daily by TimerTrac.com*. Trades verified by TimerTrac.com are received in real-time* or verified through group trading at Rydex or ProFunds*.

TimerTrac.com tracks and verifies timing strategies and trades-- not fixed account equity. This means that you can "apply" the various timing strategies to different market indexes such as the Dow or the S&P500 to see how each timing strategies would have worked for you. Knowing which asset class a timing strategy works best with helps in making better investment decisions.

As a subscriber you will be able to:

  • Research performance and information on 100's of strategies with more to come.
  • Find real-time verfied market timing signals that meet your timing needs.
  • Compare one timing signal to others.
  • Personally contact market timers directly.
  • Rank verified timing strategies over your choice of time periods -- 6 months, 1 year, or any custom time period you choose.
  • Apply a timing strategy to many indexes and see which one gives the best return.
  • Apply a verified timing strategy to the Rydex, ProFunds, or Direxion family of funds to determine which funds and strategies work best together.
  • and MORE...

* Each Market Timer is allowed to set a "delay" for having his most recent trade shown so as not to compromise his current position. Although Timers may "delay" us showing the trade to the public, they still must deliver the trade to us in real-time.